NWA Crisis Intervention Center

In 1985, the Northwest Arkansas Crisis Intervention center started as an all-volunteer organization committed to listening to those in need by providing phone counseling and information 24 hours a day.

Today, our staff members and volunteers continue in the footsteps of our founders to provide high quality crisis education, referral, and support through continually available telephone access, personal interaction, and suicide prevention. It is our vision that all people will have the help they need to prevail over crisis and will use the experience to make positive changes in their lives.

With the privilege and awesome responsibility of operating the only 24 hour crisis hotlines in the state of Arkansas, The Crisis Center plays a crucial role in linking Arkansas residents in need with available community resources.

We will accomplish our vision by providing high-quality crisis intervention and suicide prevention services, referrals, prevention education and personal support through every possible means.

The Northwest Arkansas Crisis Intervention Center began operation in 1985 with a primary mission of suicide prevention. The Crisis Center now assists with calls concerning suicide, substance abuse, physical and emotional abuse, relationship violence, divorce, loneliness, rape, depression, HIV and AIDS, financial difficulties, runaways and other youth issues, emergency shelter, pregnancy, sexual orientation, etc.

In addition to telephone services, the Crisis Center provides other services that are free to the community, including a variety of Educational Opportunities, prevention programs, Critical Incident Stress Management and an active Speaker’s Bureau available for businesses, civic groups, churches, etc.

The Crisis Center sponsors numerous special events throughout the year, including Crisis Line and CISM Trainings, Peer Helper events, Charity Runs and Walks and exciting educational workshops. If you’d like to keep current with what’s happening at The Crisis Center.


Need a Safe Shelter?

There are several ways to get help if you’re afraid of tornadoes. First, you can call your local hotline and speak to a qualified advocate. These professionals work with you to find safe housing options that meet your needs and your budget. These programs are generally not open to visitors, so you will need to stay in a private room. Also, the safest shelters are located on the lowest level of a home. Second, you should choose a room without any windows. Third, if you can, stay in the center of the room, as corners tend to attract a lot of debris.

Lastly, you can contact the Safe Shelter by phone. The organization provides follow-up advocacy for victims of sexual assault and gives referrals to community resources. The advocates at the shelter provide education about domestic violence and give referrals for additional services. This helps the community understand the importance of domestic violence prevention and intervention. By focusing on the safety of survivors, these programs can prevent future incidents of sexual abuse. There are also many free, confidential services offered by the shelters.

The La Posada Shelter provides free and confidential services to women who have experienced sexual assault and are in need of refuge. The organization is one of 21 organizations benefiting from the AIM Media Texas Charities campaign. AIM Media helps provide services to the community. They also work to prevent sexual violence by educating the community and helping victims find safe shelter. It is essential to seek help immediately if you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual violence.

For women and children who have been the victim of sexual assault, there are many resources available to protect them from abuse. The organization offers case management and counseling to help them recover from their trauma. There are also free referrals, advocacy, group support, and advocacy for survivors. By utilizing the services of the Safe Shelter, survivors can receive the necessary care that they need to move forward. These services are invaluable for surviving a sexual assault.

For women who have been victims of sexual assault, it is vital to have a safe place to stay. This organization offers a safe place for a woman and her children. If you’re a woman, you can use a safe shelter and receive follow-up advocacy from your advocate. There are programs for men and women who have suffered a sexual assault. A Safe Shelter can provide this. If you’re a man, a shelter should provide protection for both parties.

If you’re a woman, it’s important to get help for your situation. A reliable shelter is essential to the health and safety of the community. The presence of a shelter will make a woman’s life safe. The availability of a shelter will help a woman rebuild her life. If a woman doesn’t have a place to stay, they can contact the police to report it. In case the violence is serious, it can lead to a sexual assault.

Help Resources

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